Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Quilting weather and a another project

Yes, another rainy day here in Auckland, the lawn is more
like a marsh at the moment.

On to the quilting, I've re-arranged the setting for my latest quilt, 

I decided to have the row of stars between the large and small rows
of square in a square. Three, maybe four rows to be added.

Working on this quilt layout and dealing with the
intricate piecing of Gypsy Wife I decided I needed something
quick and easy to play with.

A jelly roll won from a giveaway with
Sally T at the theobjectsofdesign,
plus a roll bought many years ago were perfect for this
strip and half square triangle quilt.

Strips divided into roughly lights and darks

then sewn

and cut

onto the half square triangles

these are put together to make a four inch block, then
four blocks sewn together and I have the
block below.

I think the finished size is supposed to be around 78" square
so I've quite a few more blocks to sew up!
The pattern is in a book by Edyta Sitar

I'm off now to link up with
Linda and Julie
Sew Stitch Snap SHARE

Happy Quilting



  1. I am so over the rin too, my lawn desperately needs mowing, however I think the mower would get stuck, it's so slushy. Love the look of this quilt, it's going to be a good size when it's finished!! thanks for linking to Sew Stitch snap share.

  2. Everything outside is a boggy mess!!! Love the way you added some rows, and what a great way to do those bottom blocks.

  3. Beautiful pieces you are working those flowery pretty,,,
    hugs, Julierose

  4. Oo, pretties! Love these blocks!

    It's not soggy here, but hot hot hot. I'm huddling in the air conditioning to keep from getting that awful sticky feeling...

  5. Your new block is so perfect in floral prints.

  6. Wow, those are some gorgeous fabrics in those two jelly rolls! That is going to be a fascinating quilt. :D

  7. Your outlined stars are quite wonderful and look quite complicated. And you're very brave to use jellyrolls that you receive from strange people on the internet.

  8. Love that new setting! Fast and easy stitching is almost always a win.:)

  9. Really like the row project you have going and the new project is very appealing as well.

  10. Looking great! I'm enjoying the different direction you are taking with this quilt too!

  11. You make that complex looking Edyta Sitar block look so easy (and tempting)! Beautiful row quilt.

  12. Goodness, a complicated quilt...guess you still have it in you!!! I do love it...take care..Diane

  13. Your latest quilt is stunning! I love your fabric choices but mostly your fabric placement. Those larger florals work so well in the spaces you put them. This a great layout too!

  14. Your latest quilt is gorgeous! Love all those bold colors and fabrics together.

  15. Gorgeous projects!! I love your rows, and your jelly roll blocks are so clever.

  16. Good progress! Gypsy Wife makes up a gorgeous quilt.
    Edyta Sitar books and patterns are beautiful, she has a good
    sense of color. Fun!!

  17. Count on you to have lots of pretty stuff going on!

  18. All three look wonderful. You have such sophisticated fabrics and a good eye for combining them. I'm glad you left some white behind the stars but pieced most of it out. Striking.

  19. Your'simple' project still looks pretty sophisticated to me! I love with the little bits of white too - very clever and effective. I've just noticed that Ann has called your work sophisticated too: if two of us say it, it must be true!

  20. Loving this pattern done up in all of your gorgeous florals. It's going to be beautiful.


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