Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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I'm working on a very late New Year Resolution - finishing projects!

First off the block - my Teapots begun in RSC 2015, these two I appliqued
down today.

I've tried to get a reasonable match with the colour of thread
and the main teapot colour, not that easy with Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacobs 

The three below were stitched down early last year,  when all 12 are finished
I can set them out in their allotted place in the row and
 add the sashing and border.

The eyes take quite a beating peering a few inches away from the
needle to make sure it hits just on the edge of the fabric to be
stitched down, two is all I can manage at one go.

Something new now

Linda at Koka Quilts
Julie at JulieLou

have joined forces to create a new link up
sew. stitch, snap, SHARE
I'm heading over  now to join the link and you can visit by going to their
blogs above.

Oh, and in the midst of this torrential rain we've been having here
in New Zealand this Vireya had opened up in the back garden
to brighten my day!


  1. Thank you so much for joining our link - we were both worried no one would. Love your tea pots, hard being blind when sewing, and of course sewing puts a lot of strain on our eyes too. I have that Vireya, I think it was called Tropical Glow.

  2. Lots of tea being brewed in all those funky tea pots! My Vireya is very happy is this rain too! I may just have something to share for sew-stitch-snap-share too.

  3. Your tea pots are lovely but I enjoyed your Vireya the most. Spring is very slow in coming this year and I miss flowers so much.

  4. I've always liked these teapots, so it's lovely to see them again. I'll look forward to the finished quilt!

  5. Your vireya brightened my day too! And I'm so happy to see your teapots again...I can already hear them whistle.

  6. Your teapots are just lovely--it is difficult to SEE to catch that fold for sure...
    I am only able to do 1/2 of a Dresden Plate at a time. Talk about SLOW stitchin' lol hugs Julierose

  7. I love your fussy-cut teapots! And the flower is gorgeous, too :)

  8. Great teapots! I sewed Kaleidoscope blocks all weekend with Sujata Shah at a workshop. I finally got to try them. Now I can look at yours with fresh eyes and learn something since I understand how they work.

  9. I do love a good pot of tea . . . and from those happy colorful teapots, I can only imagine! Congratulations on the progress you're making.

  10. You have such wonderful colors in your quilts! Can't go wrong with Kaffe for that, can you? Gorgeous flower, too. One of the few things I miss about living on land is having my own little garden. Potted plants just won't survive in the salt spray on the boat, alas.

  11. It is so great to see those teapots again. So pretty!

  12. Lovely to see your teapots again Maureen, good on you for pulling them out once more! I hope your garden doesn't get too much of a battering from today's rain and wind.

  13. These teapots are fabulous, Maureen! It will be fun to see them all together. :D

  14. Love these teapots! All the colours are gorgeous together! I have that vireya too, such a lovely pop of colour in all this rain!

  15. The fabrics for the teapots are so pretty, and look well together - well done!

  16. Loving your tea pots!!! Id like a real teapot as pretty as those.

  17. Love your gorgeous tea pots! What kinds of tea would be in those? Fun to imagine!

    Your flower is beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen one of those. Our flowers are just now starting, and the cherry trees are blooming. Lots of rain and wind here too, and occasional sun. Spring!

  18. Love your kaffe teapots. Lots of my friends love superior threads bottom line for both hand and machine applique. It just sinks into the fabric. Have even seen white used on grey plain on a blueish print background - hand applique. Couldn't see the thread.

    1. Thank you, I enjoyed making these. I've never used Superior threads I love Aurifil and find the different weights very useful.

  19. Such gorgeous teapots! What a stunning flower.

  20. A beautiful collection of teapots! Love the flowers!


  21. I adore this KF teapot quilt and must tell you a story. My friend in our quilt club made a beauty in that design (pic of it complete on 12th Nov 2015 on but she ironed on the bondaweb onto the printed side of her fabric on all the teapots! She rang me in a panic screaming down the phone. Luckily she had enough spare fabric to jiggle out a second set. Whenever I see a similar quilt I still laugh. Your's will be fabulous with those flowers "fussy cut".
    Love the real flower pics. There are so many beauties in NZ we don't have in UK.
    Jo x


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