Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Time Out

I'm going to be taking a break from posting until Saturday week.
I have quite a number of health issues to deal with permanently
but a couple of them have been causing me some grief lately.
So, I'm going to just relax and enjoy pottering around. 
I have some
things I should like to re-arrange in my sewing
studio, I need a little time relaxing in the garden before
Autumn kicks in, more time for reading and just to
work on my quilting at a slower pace for a few days.
I guess my batteries need re-charging, they're feeling pretty run down!
The above isn't referring to my pacemaker batteries!

All the above hasn't stopped me buying a little fabric the other day
when my DH took me to look at a sewing/quilting cabinet. Opened out it gives 5'
of quilting space behind my Bernina, plus space on the left,
a great swing out section with a cubby  and deep drawer
and compartments on the RH side. One is now on order for me.

These are Tilda fabrics and not my normal colour choice
but I thought it's always good to try something different.
Reading your blog posts will, of course, still be on my agenda!!

Take Care


  1. New cabinet and new fabric......wonderful. Take your break to recoup and get the health issues under control. Saw the eye doctor yesterday and he said "Listen to your body" and don't push. Praying you can get back your steam soon.

  2. Taking a break and allowing yourself to slow down is very wise thing. looking forward to seeing photos of your new cabinet when it has arrived and been installed - it sounds wonderful.

  3. Praying you can recharge and reclaim your health. You have been so good to share your work and process here on your blog.

  4. You will love your new cabinet. Take time to figure out the best spot for it and to prepare your room for it. It is just as much fun to look at our fabric as it is to cut into it and use it. Take care and get well.

  5. Time spent relaxing sounds like good year round advice. Supplemented with fabric therapy is ideal. And I'm enjoying making a quilt in the colorway you showed although its not my usual choice either.

  6. Love your new fabrics! Take it easy, and enjoy your break. :D

  7. Oo, a new sewing cabinet! I'm excited to see photos of it when it arrives :) I hope your time away from posting is relaxing and rejuvenating. See you when you return!

  8. Love love those Tilda fabrics--glad you are taking the time to rest and recharge and re-organize--that cabinet sounds perfect. hugs, Julierose

  9. Oh yes, I've fallen for Tilda fabrics lately too - they have their own look and their own place in a special project I think! Enjoy your time resting up and recharging Maureen.

  10. A new cabinet, sounds like heaven, and those fabrics have a dreamy quality. Time out, a good idea, I hope it all gets sorted out, medications that go together and do not fight, and you can take each day slowly and carefully. Hugs from down here.

  11. Do hope your quiet time helps you feel a little better very soon. I'm sure a bit of gentle quilting will help speed up your recovery. Good luck.

  12. I keep eyeing all those Tilda fabrics too, like you not my usual colour or print choices, but they speak to me. I feel I will succumb at some point. Hope you have a relaxing week. feet up, books out, hand sewing close by.

  13. Relax and enjoy looking at those new pretties. Recharging those batteries now and then is vital!
    I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your new cabinet. Do you have to wait long?

  14. Rest up and refuel.......while looking at those yummy fabrics!

  15. How wise to allow yourself time out. Please relax and restore.

    New sewing cabinet sounds fabulously. It will make quilting so much easier.

    Take care

  16. Yes, rest and refuel! Prayers and blessings for you, feel better soon.

  17. What a sensible thing to do to listen to your body. Enjoy your resting and relaxation Maureen. I love what you have been doing with those Kaffe Fasset fabrics and no doubt your Tilda fabrics will turn into something wonderful. Take care.

  18. I really hope it won't be long before your batteries are recharged and you are back giving more of your inspiration to us. I can understand how sometimes we have to stand back and think of ourselves for a while.
    Take care, relax and repair. Read lots of magazines and books and stroke your fabric now and then so you are all geared up to create more wonders when you feel up to it.
    Lots of love from Liverpool,
    Jo x

  19. Thinking of you. As someone who regularly takes Blog Breaks I know how well they are needed from time to time. Take care of yourself and we'll see you when you come back xxx

  20. Take it easy and enjoy your pottering, Maureen. I hope the break does you good.

  21. Best wishes, I am as well taking a break!

  22. Thank you so much for your posts. I hope you enjoy your rest and are re-energized soon. mary n AZ

    1. Thank you Mary - I'm having to reply to you here as you are showing as a noreply-comment blogger, sorry.

  23. Hope you were able to get in some much needed R & R. Recharging the batteries is important.


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