Waiting In The Wings

Friday, May 26, 2017

A slow two weeks

Definitely a slow two weeks!
Thanks to everyone for good wishes after my last post,
sadly the CT scan showed problems with my spinal canal have progressed 
so off for another appointment in two weeks time, until then I shall be very careful!

Quilting - two short sessions only. Last post I showed this photo

and decided pastels were not for me, I had decided to make
a quilt from a Judy Newman book below

in fact it was the one on the cover.

sent me links to this particular pattern made with some nice
splashes of colour here and there. This week I decided to play around
with fabrics again and this is the first row

I decided to go with a KF fabric - Dream in Dark - for the setting triangles.
Not a great photo, Gypsy Wife is on my design wall so this strip ended up on
the dining table.

I've been spending time reading, cutting the last of the roses

and enjoying watching the sun rise

I'm going to link up now with 
Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE

and hope I have more quilting to post about next week.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

This and That

It's been a funny sort of week for me, not 
as in "ha ha" funny but a pretty frustrating one.

 I showed a photo of a book by
Judy Newman some time ago, beautiful old-fashioned sort
of quilts, soft colours. This week was the time
to begin one that I found particularly lovely.

I spent ages pulling fabrics - some below - and as I'm not known for my soft pastel colours
 it was difficult finding fabric to use, some are below but

when I had the first row in place on the wall, it just wasn't
me!! Didn't work at all, I needed a colour fix
so on to Section 10 of Gypsy Wife. Two small blocks sewn - one
obviously a bit on the too small side - and a few strips later
my tendonitis flared suddenly which put
paid to any more cutting or sewing, I made it just this far below.

I took a telephone call from the hospital where they asked me
to please come in for an appointment Friday (tomorrow), I needed
to be seen sooner than my scheduled appointment in a few
weeks time, so that didn't add to my week.

There was a bright spot yesterday with a package in the mail of two books
 ordered a couple of months ago.

The colour in these two is amazing, I think of the two my favourite
is New York Beauties and Flying Geese, full to bursting
with colour!
I intend to relax tomorrow before going to the hospital with these two.

So, not a productive week at all but I did take a photo
of one of my beautiful hibiscus

and hopefully I shall be back at the machine early next week,
fingers crossed!

Hope you've all had a good week with lots of quilting.


Friday, May 5, 2017

Kaleidoscope - stripping again!

A little more work on the Kaleidoscope quilt - starting
with these strips of varying widths,

these then get cut into blocks

which then are sewn into a long chain and

using my Kaleidoscope ruler I then cut these into
the pieces below

and when I have enough variety these have spotty
corners added and join up with plain cream wedges below.

If I follow the pattern (Kathy Doughty & Sarah Fielke) exactly there will be a piano key style border as shown above,
possibly a little deeper than these left over sets shown here.
I have a few more partial blocks made but I forgot to starch some of the dotty fabrics
and ended up with terrible corners so more work's needed to fix these.

I'm loving grabbing strips out of the box and stitching up with no
matching of colour or width - great stress reliever this pattern.

Speaking of stress relief a wander around the garden
showed another of my Vireya rhodos flowering,

just what is needed in the Autumn garden!

Have a good weekend, back again soon.
Linking up with Cynthia for Oh Scrap!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Taste of the Orient - Chinese Coins

Heading towards the finish line with this piece for
the AHIQ first invitational.

There is a background story to this small quilt regarding my choice of colour
and of design, stick with me please for a moment whilst I explain.

Two books influenced both of the above,
one by M M Kaye and the one below bought in 2013, this is by
the author of Wild Swans.

Note the colours  Cixi wears, we have yellow, red and touches of green
in her magnificent robe. What about the fantastical head wear and those two long
finger nail accessories!

The idea for splitting the original oblong pieces of fabric came from the book by
M M Kaye in her autobiography. She spent some time
in China in the very early 20th century and
describes the house in Peking where they stayed which 
had belonged at one time,
so she thinks, to a member of the  Imperial Family. She tells us that the door of the Spirit Gate
was green lacquer, the uprights and roof ends were lacquer red and the tiles
were Imperial Yellow. 

I just had to use these three colours and needed to try
and find a way of creating the effect of Yellow tiles.
You won't see perfect matching seams as some of these pieces were
cut freehand, it is my take on Ad Hoc Improv!

I have lots of left-overs

perhaps these could become something else set this way

AHIQ is hosted by
Kaja and Ann
and I'm linking up with them now.

Linda and Julie
are hosting
Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE
and I'm linking up here also.

'Til next time - happy quilting!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Gypsy Wife - sections 8 and 9

Yes, sections 8 and 9 are together, at least for the moment. I'm not happy 
with the bottom block on the LH side, so there
may be a little time spent unpicking at some point.

It's just getting that balance right, trying not to have
too many dark blocks clustered nor too many light ones and I think
I've failed with the above mentioned block.

I felt as if I'd hit a brick wall with these two sections, don't know why, but I'm
not doing any more on this until the end of next week, maybe the brain
needs a break from gypsies!

I took myself off for a walk the other evening when I was feeling
particularly peeved off with the whole thing, just before dusk the sky was
a delight to see, good for the soul! After that I arrived home
feeling much less stressed.

This was the view as I walked along the ridge looking out to
Rangitoto in the harbour - I've decided to try and take that walk most evenings
just before dusk to blow away the cobwebs!

Hope you're all enjoying your week and your stitching.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

sew, stitch, snap, SHARE

I'm working on a very late New Year Resolution - finishing projects!

First off the block - my Teapots begun in RSC 2015, these two I appliqued
down today.

I've tried to get a reasonable match with the colour of thread
and the main teapot colour, not that easy with Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacobs 

The three below were stitched down early last year,  when all 12 are finished
I can set them out in their allotted place in the row and
 add the sashing and border.

The eyes take quite a beating peering a few inches away from the
needle to make sure it hits just on the edge of the fabric to be
stitched down, two is all I can manage at one go.

Something new now

Linda at Koka Quilts
Julie at JulieLou

have joined forces to create a new link up
sew. stitch, snap, SHARE
I'm heading over  now to join the link and you can visit by going to their
blogs above.

Oh, and in the midst of this torrential rain we've been having here
in New Zealand this Vireya had opened up in the back garden
to brighten my day!

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Hooray - I feel I'm now "back in the saddle" with my quilting.

The yellow/green segment of Chinese Coins.
Starting on the red/yellow section Monday.

Concentration was needed with cutting the strips, it was so easy
to cut the original oblong fabric pieces in the wrong direction. so I now
have quite a few double ups in my parts box!

Measurements of the above segment 35" x 15".
I don't have a "set in concrete" plan for this small quilt,
I'll just play along and see where it takes me.

Is anyone else noticing that the list of blogs they follow
is becoming smaller?? I think a lot of folk are using Instagram
and Facebook, perhaps this is due to the amount of time
some quilters have available.

I love looking at the sky at sunrise and sunset this is 
one from a few days ago.

A truly "brooding" sky here!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Long Time Gone!!!

My post heading is nothing to do with the pattern
from Jen Kingwell which I wrote about a while ago.
This is giving a nod to my not posting for over two weeks - again!!
Let's start with a sunrise yesterday.

The reason for my continued absence
was my husbands'  health
problem, thanks to a mosquito bite right on the elbow.
Won't give the gory details but after visits to emergency,
three days on IV antibiotics for huge infection and three weeks of oral,
the elbow is slowly getting back to normal after growing to the size
of a grapefruit!

So, quilting once again took a back seat but I had been playing
with Gypsy Wife - two different versions of one block, deciding which
one will fit in best

My Chinese Coins took a back seat, way behind now as this week
was the last week for a link up. Below is a mock up on my
design wall from before my husband became unwell

I'm just playing around and have quite a bit more stitching to take
care of, hopefully next post will show progress - fingers crossed.

I have lovely hibiscus flowering in the garden, two below, and Leila now a one year old 
deciding whether to go up onto the roof  and watch the birds.

Back during the week - once again, fingers crossed!!
Enjoy the weekend.
I'm off over to visit Ann and Kaja
for a quick peek of my Chinese Coins so far.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Colour, colour and more colour........

In the past two weeks I haven't been sewing, not on my own quilts
at least, but I have been quilting and binding a small colourwash piece
which I bought last year from
Wanda at Exuberant Color

I've always loved the stunning colourwash quilts made by Wanda and when
I saw this on her blog I quickly sent off an email!
 Just quilted vertically, the emphasis being on
the colour and placement of fabrics rather than the quilting.

I just had enough of the batik for binding but made a stupid mistake with the scissors
when I came to join the two ends together so
there are a couple of wonky bits, I am waiting for more of the
fabric to arrive then I'll resew.

In the package was a surprise gift of one of her
mug rugs

and what a beauty it is!

For a little colour co-ordination

this day lily is out in the garden,
it doesn't usually flower until August/September,
how come it's putting on a show in March is a mystery.

In the mail today

this will make good bedtime reading tonight and would
have looked a lot better if the postie hadn't
folded it in half when leaving it in the box!

Thanks to all for your good wishes, hope I've not missed
replying to anyone!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Time Out

I'm going to be taking a break from posting until Saturday week.
I have quite a number of health issues to deal with permanently
but a couple of them have been causing me some grief lately.
So, I'm going to just relax and enjoy pottering around. 
I have some
things I should like to re-arrange in my sewing
studio, I need a little time relaxing in the garden before
Autumn kicks in, more time for reading and just to
work on my quilting at a slower pace for a few days.
I guess my batteries need re-charging, they're feeling pretty run down!
The above isn't referring to my pacemaker batteries!

All the above hasn't stopped me buying a little fabric the other day
when my DH took me to look at a sewing/quilting cabinet. Opened out it gives 5'
of quilting space behind my Bernina, plus space on the left,
a great swing out section with a cubby  and deep drawer
and compartments on the RH side. One is now on order for me.

These are Tilda fabrics and not my normal colour choice
but I thought it's always good to try something different.
Reading your blog posts will, of course, still be on my agenda!!

Take Care

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cutting out and Computers

Why do computers cause grief just when we need to edit photos
and write a post!!
I haven't been able to check my reading list properly for
a few days and the darn computer totally closed down on me
earlier this afternoon, hopefully it will keep working until
I've finished this.

 First up I've now sliced up 8 and 1/2" strips for Chinese Coins
and been playing around with added solids

and  many years ago we bought six of these large Chinese Coins below
in one of those ethnic shops, presently used as mats for hot mugs
of tea/coffee, I intend to  incorporate the shape
into the quilt. Possibly raw edge applique or even photo transfer.

More cutting for Kaleidoscope

more spot fabrics for the four corners and plain cream for the
alternate wedges.
I also pulled more strips from my clean up cut bin and started
on those.

It's great fun just feeding these strips through the machine
without thinking of trying to co-ordinate colour or pattern.

I ended up with rather a good plateful - thanks to Julie for a great idea!

 I was looking at the Japanese Maple in the back garden this morning
and noticed the colour was just beginning to turn,

eventually we'll have lots and lots of the little two winged seed capsules
floating all over the place, I thought back to when we were kids in Autumn
 in England,  there would be thousands of these things falling
from the trees, whirling around and around - we just called them aeroplanes,
I guess because of the similarity to propeller blades, just like the eight "blades"
in the kaleidoscope block.

Not what I would call a stimulating post from me but
before my computer packs up on me again I'm off to try and catch up on two days of blog
posts, hope you're having a good week free from computer glitches!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chinese Coins - a start

It's a start in that I have most of the fabrics together.

The solids and hand dyes are being played around with presently,
still need to make a final decision.

I'm cutting 8 and 1/2" across the width of the fabrics,
cutting these into half again, keeping one set as spares
and starching the remainder.

My new trolley is coming in handy here, this is not an Ikea, which I would
dearly have loved in their turquoise colourway, but given that they
seem to be around US$25 or so for quilters in the USA
and the price here is NZ$169 I went for a local made trolley, this is
a soft green and a lot cheaper!

Now I've had a break to write this it's back to the cutting
and starching.